Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I take a lot of pictures. Mostly with my iphone these days. Some are snapshots of daily life with my kids, but many are just quirky images that strike me. Not pictures to show or sell, just a little creative outlet for my own joy. (My family is generally annoyed when I make them stop so that I can take a picture of a random cloud, sign, 3 legged dog, etc... See photo above that I took while chaperoning a 6th grade field trip!) So... I cannot tell you how surprised and delighted I was when one of my creative heroes, Lori Anderson, picked a few of my shots for her new blogging ebook. FOLLOW THE PATH: Ideas and inspiration for the creative blogger. 

Lori is an amazing writer and artist. I'm always in awe of how brave she is in sharing her own journey.  I HIGHLY recommend FOLLOW THE PATH if you're looking for blogging prompts. It would be a fantastic tool if you like to journal off-line too or just need a creative boost! Don't we all need that some days? :)


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  1. Hey Jane! Just waiting to see you post what I sent you for the Bead Soup Blog Hop! I'm dying to show what you sent me! You are such a talented silversmith!