Monday, August 01, 2011

Vacation Jewelry Making

Good news: I'm on vacation on the beautiful coast of NC. Yea! Bad news: I have a 2 day show the week I get back and I'm low on inventory. Ouch! Gotta squeeze some jewelry making into my trip. What to take? What to carry it in? I can get myself and 3 kids packed up without breaking much of a sweat. But pack up my jewelry making supplies? I was breaking out in hives!

To carry my supplies, I ended up using a travel organizer toiletry bag that I already had. It's sturdy and is big enough and has enough pockets  to give me room and organization. I brought a set of letter stamps and a few design stamps: No wonder that these were checked by the TSA, huh? They look a little suspicious!

Assorted Pliers and Cutters

Blanks and Dapping Block
Cleaning, Polishing and Buffing Cloths
Beads and Stones
Wire - of course!
Components Pre-made at Home

Guess what I forgot? Clasps! Hard to finish any jewelry without them. Luckily, Raleigh NC has a great store for beads and jewelry making supplies called Ornamentea. Great excuse to make a creative supply pit stop!