Thursday, September 01, 2011

Make a hot handmade clasp!

I love to add hand made details to my jewelry pieces. Whether you're making, buying or giving jewelry, the special touch of a beautifully crafted clasp really stands out. Here's a quick tutorial if you'd like to try one yourself.

1. I like to use 16 gauge all soft wire to make my clasps. Start out with a 2" piece of wire. Straighten and clean with steel wool if necessary.

2. Make a loop at each end. One loop should be slightly smaller than the other. Use simple round nose pliers for this step.

3. Bend the wire over either bailing pliers or the large base of round nose pliers. (You can even use a sharpie marker as a mandrel here!) Make the bend slightly off center, closer to the smaller loop.

4. Use a bench block and dapping hammer to add detail and work harden the clasp. This is where you can really add some personality.

5. Voila! You're so awesome!!

Get yourself a coil of copper wire for practicing and give it a try. It's much easier than you might think. Happy jewelry making!