Monday, August 24, 2009

Beads, beads, beads

My 2 oldest children went back to school last week. I love them dearly, but it was so nice to have more time to focus - and breathe! My little guy is still here with me, but one is nothing to handle compared to 3. So last week was a very good week.

One of the projects I had some time for was finishing my new office/studio. I had already moved the supplies I use the most to the new space. But many little jars & containers still lingered in the cabinets above my old desk. I didn't realize how many beads I have!! They're in all different kind of containers & in no particular order at all. Makes it very difficult to find anything.

I found a very nice 60 drawer storage cabinet at ACE over the weekend. It's meant for screws and bolts & such, but is perfect for beads. Of course when I got it home it didn't fit on the shelves, so they had to be adjusted. Then I decided that I had the wrong style. The first one I bought had 30 small drawers and 12 large ones. Got home and figured out that I didn't need the large drawers. So it was back to ACE for an exchange. Thank goodness they open early. The new cabinet was perfect - but still not enough drawers for all the beads. So one more trip for little plastic dividers to go inside the drawers and one more smaller cabinet.

After a late night of sorting many, many beads, I finally have them all in place. I added a lamp behind the cabinet to make if easier to see inside. Turned out pretty good!