Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Bead Soup Party Day!!!

 Today is the big day for the Bead Soup Blog Party! If you haven't read my previous posts and are scratching your head, "what the heck's this crazy lady talkin' 'bout?", here's a link to my Bead Soup Party post to catch you up. Lori Anderson, posted this map on her blog of all the participants locations:
This is a BIG party!!
I was lucky in the partner that I was given for the swap. Geneva Collins, of Torque Story, was very kind and sent lovely beads. Some of the colors and textures were different than what I usually work with, but that's a good thing and part of the reason to participate in the event. Even creative people get stuck in their ruts. Working with materials that you haven't chosen is a fantastic brain stretcher. It's reminds me of when a group of my friends went to get pedicures together and the nail tech suggested that the group choose everyone's individual polish color for them. We ended up with toes we might not have picked out ourselves but were mostly perfect for us. My friend Kathie has been wearing dark purple/black polish on her feet ever since!

Here's the beads that I received from Geneva:

For the first set that I made, I used the focal piece and clasp that she sent, some of the turquoise beads, and some of the silver spacers.

I created big fun silver loops for the turquoise beads in both pieces. My way to insert an MJane detail!
Geneva sent so many gorgeous beads that I had plenty left to make a second set. For these I used the light wooden beads she included and added my own silver heishi  spacers and toggle.
I'm really pleased with how this second pair turned out. They're very light and simple. I can see wearing them regularly as "go-to" pieces:

Great fun being part of the Bead Soup Party Blog. Can't wait to do it again!!