Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi I'm A PC

So I feel like that guy in the Mac PC commercial this morning. Unfortunately, I'm not the cool Mac guy. I'm the geeky PC guy whose system has crashed & I don't know what to do. So I wish you could see me sitting here in my orange slippers. My husband's laptop on one side of me - which is what I'm typing this on - my laptop on the other side. I have given control of my laptop to a very nice woman who I beleive is in India. While she's very polite, I'm not fully convinced that she knows what she's doing at all. Her original suggestion was to reinstall my operating system & lose all my data. I talked her out of that - so now she's copying all my files to another folder - not sure why. I'm questioning that too & getting more & more nervous as each second passes. I just don't think she understands the problem. I have a feeling that this is a user setting issue that should be a quick fix. She may be doing more harm than good. AHHHH!