Tuesday, July 21, 2009



In my last post, I talked about getting back on track. I think, at least for me, that staying focused is a continual challenge. I've developed a few tricks over the years that really help. Perhaps the thing that helped me the most was the idea that there is no one "magic bullet" that's going to last forever. Depending on the situation & circumstances, different motivators work or don't. That said, there are several constants in my arsenal. The first is "the list". I keep a running to-do list at all times. When I'm busy, it gets updated daily. Right now, since it's summer and all 3 kids are home, I try to have less on my plate work-wise. I probably update it 2-3 times a week.

A lot of self help authors recommend a daily task list. The one whose system I like the most is Brook Noel's. Around New Year's I read her book: The Change Your Life Challenge: Step-by-Step Solutions for Finding Balance, Creating Contentment, Getting Organized, and Building the Life You Want. I've tried many systems, both electronic and paper. Her CAN (catch all notebook) and 3 step action list are excellent and easy to follow. The book if geared toward busy people who want to stay focused and enjoy more peace and satisfaction in life. I highly recommend it. I'll most likely reread the book in August as my busy season starts.