Thursday, June 24, 2010

Word Cloud

I love a word cloud! Do you all know what a word cloud is? It's a computer script that will take the random words you enter and arrange them in a creative way. For example, in the one above I used the text from my blog posts to create the cloud. Some programs will make words bigger that are used more often. You can usually pick the colors and also try the words in lots of different configurations. Really fun, and revealing too. When you see what you've been focusing on rearranged in an abstract way, it's takes on a whole other meaning. It can give your words a beauty and importance (maybe false?) that you might otherwise miss. Give it a whirl. Fun stuff.

Today I'm going to complete a stamped custom necklace for a graduating teacher. The words are in Hawaiian. How cool is that!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Earrings on Website!

I just added sterling silver spiral swirl earrings in 3 sizes to the website. Check 'em out!!

Simple Mom Downloads

I'm all about finding ways to keep myself on track. Came across these downloads yesterday on . I really like the Daily Docket, which I shrunk down to fit in my notebook.
I've kept a daily todo notebook for a couple of years. It's based on Brook Noel's great book "Change Your Life Challenge". You can find it here  However, with the kids out of school & the schedule being looser, I've been letting the daily list slide a bit. (OK, a LOT!) This new download has gotten me back on track - for now... : )