Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Giant Jewelry?

I just added some sweet photo enlargements to my booth display. My daughter said my banner should now read “I make giant jewelry”!
They came like this from Nations Photo LabIMG_3298
I went to my local FastSigns & they put grommets on the corners. Then another trip to Home Depot to figure out how to hang these big suckers from my booth back wall. I ended up with zip ties at the top, attached to cable wire. (jewelry makers: the thingy you use to hold the cable in a loop is a giant crimp tube!)
I hung the pics from the top rail of my tent using Bongo Ties, love these!

Here’s how they look “in action”


Next show will be Sunday, July 10th,  Sundays on the Streets, Southglenn Mall!


  1. Your updated booth looks great. Hope to see it next time I'm out in Colorado. Great job on my granddaughters necklace. Funny story about when it was delivered. Tom R.

  2. So glad that she liked the necklace Tom! She is a lovely little girl!!