Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pushing forward when you keep getting pushed back

As anyone following a passion or a dream knows, there are always setback and detractors. There are always people who will tell you that what you're doing is not worthwhile. I've had some less than positive experiences lately. My share of self-doubt for sure. Some days it feels like every step forward is followed by 5 steps back. But no one blogs about those things, huh? Read people's blogs or Facebook status and it seems like everybody is just great. Not true. We are all struggling out here together. Ups and downs. Sometimes way more down than up!

One of my necklaces was chosen this week as a finalist for voting in the Bead Star 2011 contest. This is at least the third year I've entered and I was very sure I wasn't going to make it this far. Bead Star works kind of like American Idol. Thousands enter, the judges choose the best 20 in each category, then readers pic the top 4 from each category. There are prizes, but more exciting is the publicity and recognition from Bead Star Magazine. A national publication entirely devoted to the winning designs!

Every once in a while, you'll get a boost like this contest was for me. It can pump you right back up and get you going again. So keep pushing forward with your dream. Whatever it is. Be the one that hangs in there and tries one more time. It could make all the difference.
Vote for Aquamarine Cascade!
Here's the link for my Bead Star entry. If you'd like to vote for me I would really appreciate it! You have to register with Beading Daily in order to vote, but it's quick and easy. Thank you!!

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  1. Jane, You've got my vote! It's obvious to see why your necklace was chosen as a finalist. I'll be back in HR around May 12 & hope to see your display at Town Center. Best of luck in the contest! Tom R. in St. Louis