Friday, January 14, 2011

Making fine silver jewelry components

I'm working on building my stock back up and needed some cool components for a batch of bracelets I'm gonna make. Here's a brief picture tutorial on the basic process!

Start with fine silver wire:

Use a mandrel to shape the wire into rings. Make sure to file edges so the join is very clean!

Use torch to close join in rings

Shape and texture rings with dapping hammer

Add a design with metal stamp

Oxidize with liver of sulfur. Don't worry, they'll get pretty again!!

Polish with pro polish pads. Here's one 1/2 done so you can see the difference.
Here are the beauties all done!!

Look for the finished bracelets using these components soon!


  1. great tutorial- that makes it look relatively easy once you've got the tools. thanks for the post!

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