Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello From The Beach

We are in Topsail Beach, NC for our annual beach vacation. I grew up here and my parents still live in nearby Chapel Hill. My father just turned 80 and is not in very good health. This may be our last trip here with him, so the whole experience is bitter sweet. Some things are the same as they are every year. It's hot and humid; the kids are sandy; we've all eaten too much fried food and fudge. The ocean is beautiful and enticing. As with all family vacations, there are many good times and some old - less than good - family dynamics in play. Not much jewelry making going on, but I did bring some pieces to photograph and I'm building some new pages for the website on my laptop during the downtime. When the kids play hard all day, they are ready to collapse at bedtime...leaving Mom a few minutes to myself.

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