Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Already??

Wow, this week is flying by! I finally got my business bank account straightened out. Not too exciting - but a necessary evil. What happened was, that when I originally set up my accounts, the bank used my social security number instead of my federal tax payer ID. This can cause all kinds of problems down the road. So, I had to close my accounts and open new ones. Why did I put off taking care of this since December?? Once I got started it didn't take long to get everything organized. The trip to the bank was pretty quick and painless too. So cross that off the list. Finally. . .

I'm really enjoying the stamped silver jewelry I've started making. The reaction from other people has been very positive too! I ordered more silver blanks and a 2nd smaller set of number stamps. More new designs to see soon.

Also, a major redesign of the long ignored website is coming. Look for a link to Etsy to purchase jewelry and a link to the blog too!

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